Felix Farma is a GMP manufacturer of medicinal cannabis oil for clinical research. Felix Farma is a specialist in the formulation of cannabis based products with an in house Research and Development , Production and Quality Control department. Felix Farma is established in 2020 from the Transvaal Pharmacy.

In 2014 the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Netherlands started with the production of medicinal cannabis oil as compounding farmaceutical for the patients in The Netherlands from cannabis plant provided by the The Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). The OMC is the government office which is responsible for the production of cannabis as active pharmaceutical ingredient for medical and scientific purposes. The cannabis is produced by GMP contract manufacturer Bedrcocan.

Clinical research with the cannabis oil of the Transvaal Pharmacy is provided by Felix Farma. Felix Farma uses the same facility and employees as the Transvaal Pharmacy.


  • Transvamix CBD 5% / THC 10% 0il
  • Transvaten CBD 10% oil
  • Transvabed CBD 2,0% / THC 1,3% oil
  • Transdica THC 2% oil
  • Transsati THC 2% oil
  • Placebo cannabis oil

Pending studies and current studies

Melissa Eikmann

Head of production

Melissa Eimann (pharmacist) is responsible for the production development in the Transvaal Pharmacy and for the clinical production developement for Felix Farma.

Mohamed Said Aoquab

Head of Quality Control

Mohammed Said (chemist) is responisble for the Quality Control of Transvaal Pharmacy and Felix Farma.

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Our office is in the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Hague

Felix Farma Holding BV

Kempstraat 113-109
2572GC Den Haag

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Melissa Eikmann, apotheker onderzoek.transvaalapotheek@ezorg.nl

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